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Kaysee in wait Angel in wait Kirby in wait Baxter in wait Jazmin in wait Baloo in wait
Our play times are something to see and have become legendary. Here we are, past and present.
From left to right: Kaysee, Angel, Kirby, Baxter, Jazmin. and Baloo.


Here's Kirby playing keep-away from Angel. He's a lot faster, but Angel looks like she's taking the game much more seriously.



Now Angel's using her longer stride to track down the little trouble-maker!



Here's Kirby playing "tough guy" with Angel. She's a lot taller than him, so he has to stand on his back legs to make it a fair fight!



Oops! Kirby seems to be over-matched!



"I won!"



Kaysee is resting under a tree while Angel waits for another round with Kirby.



Timeout. Something's got our attention.



After any good play session, its nap time!



This is our cousin Sierra, a Sheltie. Sometimes she comes over to play with us.



This is our friend Rosie, a black Labrador. Sometimes she spends the night with us.



This is our Basset Hound cousin Nacha. She and Kirby can do some serious playing together!



Above: Most of the gang is here, looking for trouble. Left to right: Kaysee, Sierra, Nacha, and Kirby. We don't know where Angel was at the time... she probably had already found the trouble!
Below: Nacha following Sierra and her favorite toy. Sierra is very protective of her ball. Kaysee looks on with only mild interest.



"Now tell me again why you like to play with this thing..."



Sierra "explaining" to Nacha that the ball belongs to her. Please note that this is one of the few times in Kirby's life that he's just watching the ensuing fight, and NOT becoming part of it!



Kirby, Nacha, and Baxter taking a break. It's always good to stop and smell the grass once in a while!



Jazmin has spotted her prey...



And now stalking it for the "kill"



Jazmin in action!



Jazmin, with younger brother Baloo flying over her!



Jazmin(left) trying to avoid Baloo.



Jamin and Baloo giving each other the "evil eye".



Baloo playing at the fence with the neighbor dog Gary.



Baloo and Gary again.


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