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M y name is Kirby. I'm a rescue puppy. I was found in a ditch by some nice school bus drivers. They were concerned because I wasn't moving around. Someone came and got me and took me to the Animal Hospital. The caring people there wanted me to have a good home, so they contacted Keeshond Rescue. A lady came and looked at me, then after I had all cuts and scraps taken care of, she came back and took me to her home on 4/29/97 (I now call her mommy). I was only supposed to stay there for a short time - but I charmed them into keeping me forever! I now have two sisters Kaysee, and Angel. I like taking walks and annoying the Dalmatian whenever possible! I am mostly Keeshond, but have a little bit of something else in me as well: Angel says its the "devil"!
Kirby went to the rainbow bridge Feburary 1st, 2013. He was one of the happiest dogs anyone could ever hope to meet. He always had a smile on his face. He slept on a blue Moroccan rug that was his only. If that rug could talk we're sure it would be asking "What happened to the happy little puppy that always laid on me with such contentment?". Even when his eyesight failed, Kirby could still find his way to that rug and lay down, knowing he was safe at home. Here is a painting done of Kirby on his rug.

Perhaps the best tribute that can be paid to Kirby is the following poem:
Til We Meet Again
To the other side
I ran and played
Again I'm young
My master letting go at last
Knowing my time had come
How hard it was to part
Our hearts beating in time
The cord of God loosed at last,
Love flowing our lives unentwined.
In Doc's kind care
A prayer is said
To guide me on my way
While my friend stands near by
A witness to this day
The prick of needle
Tho painful be is done
My heart stops its beat,
Ushering me here where free
Of aging flesh,
Of graying eyes-
The heaviness of me
So mourn my friend for a time
But know I haven't gone
Forever from your side
And as you work you'll
Stop a while
Recalling times we shared
And lips in smile
And mind on me
We'll join again in prayer
Be sure my friend,
When body fails
I'll greet you on your path
We'll walk again side by side,
Our hearts at rest at last.


This is one of my first days in my new yard. I'm looking it over to make sure that everthing has been taken care of...



It's a good thing I'm so cute: it keeps me from getting into too much trouble for all the stunts I pull!



Something's got my attention, which isn't hard since I'm told that my attention span is so short!



Here are the three of us together. The bone I have belongs to Angel, and the look she's giving me seems to say that she would like it back immediately after the picture is taken.



Terrorizing my sisters is a real aerobic workout... I think I'll relax now!



Oops, I fell asleep in Angel's food bowl... boy is she going to be ticked when she sees this.



I love sleeping in the bean bag chair!



It's just after Christmas, and I'm worn out from all my holiday partying.


Outside with my big sister. I learn a lot just from watching her.



Aren't I adorable looking?



Here I am in my daddy's computer room. When I grow up I want to be a programmer too!


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