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M y name is Kaysee Mae. I was born on January 24th, 1988. I was an only puppy until mom and dad got my sister Angel, a real trouble-maker if I ever saw one! Then they found little Kirby: who has way too much energy for me. But the three of us have a lot of fun together. I love taking short walks anywhere with lots of bushes and trees to sniff.
Kaysee passed away quietly on July 5th, 2004. Her spirit and her love will remain always with the many lives that she blessed by her presence. Her body may have failed her at the end, but like all Keeshonds, her mind remained razor-sharp till she closed her eyes the last time. The best wish we can give is that all pets be as true and loyal as Kaysee was to all those she knew.


Here I am on my first day at my new home, a tiny ball of fluff...



Playing hide-n-seek with dad, he'll never find me behind this tree!



The famous Keeshond smile! After all, our nickname is "The smiling Dutchman"!



I hate bad hair days!



After a long night, there's nothing like sleeping in the next morning.



Here's what a Keeshond looks like under all that fur. I've just been shaved down for the summer. I'll bet you can't tell its the same dog...



Here I'm waiting for the Thanksgiving feast... it's one of a dog's best holidays!



Here I am on my 16th birthday!



Winter is a great time for a Keeshond! If only mom and dad didn't make all of us put on these sweaters...



Surveying my kingdom...


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