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Life: January 24th, 1988 - July 5th, 2004

Registered Name: Ramsey's Kaysee Mae

Parents: McGowan's Dandy Duke (sire)
McGowan's Lea May (dam)

Likes: Slow walks lined with lots of bushes to sniff.
Going to the local pet store.
Having my tummy rubbed.
Chicken or turkey ANYTHING!
People - especially the little ones.
Any handy snowdrift.

Dislikes: Baths, water on my fur.
Getting brushed - OUCH! that hurts!
Loud noises of any kind.
Being left behind when Mom & Dad go out.

Best Story:
On my way home for the first time, I was put into a box for a safer trip. At the time mom owned a Fiero. There isn't a back seat, so my daddy held the box on his lap until we got to my new home. Let me explain about dad... his family had only had cats, so he wasn't really sure he wanted to deal with a puppy. But since mom wanted one, he decided he would make the best of it. They had already discussed that she would take care of me, and he would be responsible for the two cats that they already owned. His best hope was that the two of us could peacefully coexist. Well about half way home, I decided that I had had enough of that old box. I popped the lid off and out popped my fuzzy little head. I took one look at this guy holding me on his lap, and began giving him puppy kisses! The more he tried to turn his head away, the more I crawled up his chest and the more he laughed. By the time we pulled into the driveway, he was in love with me. That was almost 10 years ago, and I don't think a day has gone by since that he hasn't hugged me if we were together, or missed me if we were apart. To show you how much I changed his attitude, we haven't added a cat to our family since that day... but we're now a proud three dog family.

Here I am resting (with my brother Kirby, and sister Angel)


Laying on my front porch, watching mom and dad work in the yard.


Here I am in my Halloween costume.
Angel wings and a tiara... the perfect outfit for me!
Mom made me a furry, er I mean, fairy princess.

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Music: Beauty and the Beast (from Disney's Beauty and the Beast)