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Registered Name: Paradise Kees Personal Passion ("Jazmin")

Born: March 5th, 2013

Adopted: May 9th, 2013
Mother: Novel Journey Into Paradise Kees ("Coko")
Father: Gch/Cch KJ's It's Nothing Purrsonal, HOF ("Chubbs")

Her Story Begins:
Jazmin came to us from a reputable Keeshond breeder, a dear friend, who adheres to the KCA (Keeshond Club of America) Code of Ethics.
After losing Kirby in February 2013, we weren't in a hurry to get another pet - no one could "replace" our special little boy. But we knew that we would eventually get another dog. And after having two male dogs, Momma wanted a female Kees puppy again. She missed Kaysee so much and wanted that special bond again. So it was decided that when they were ready, that is what they would be looking for.
As chance would have it, in early May Momma & Daddy Ramsey took a short vacation trip and boarded Baxter with Linda Samuel at Pooch Paradise Pet Motel. Linda is also a Keeshond breeder, owner & handler. When Momma took Baxter to drop him off for his stay, she learned that Linda had a litter of five puppies there, ready to go to their new homes, and there was one female Kees pup that had not been spoken for yet.
After they discussed the details, Momma promised to talk it over with Daddy while they were on their trip - while Linda allowed Baxter to interact with the puppies to see whether he liked/disliked being around them - and when they returned from their trip, they would compare notes and let her know whether they were interested or not.
Upon their return, they learned that Baxter did okay with the puppies - wasn't rough with them, was mildly playful with them, basically just stayed out of their way - of course, five was an overwhelming number, in addition to the adult Keeshonden that he normally plays with while he's there. So all in all, he did well with them.
Momma and Daddy had discussed the pros and cons of taking on a puppy sooner, rather than later as they had originally planned on doing. They had some pricey home renovations coming up and two more vacations coming at the end of summer that the puppy would need to be boarded as well (which, of course, Linda sees as a plus because then she'll get to see her puppy again!). And it would mean some major changes to their already busy schedule, house breaking the puppy, training, etc. But on the other hand, they know the quality of Linda's puppies, the puppy is available now (sometimes it's hard to find an available litter) and housebreaking/training could be accomplished during the best weather months of the year. So the decision was made to add a puppy to the Ramsey Furkid pack!!!
With just getting home from a trip, arrangements were made for Momma to go back to pick up the puppy a few days later. Arrangements needed to be made at home, things caught back up at work so that Momma could get home right after work to let the puppy out, and Linda needed time to get all the paperwork in order. But little Jazmin came home forever just 4 days later.
Jazmin screamed all the way home in the back of the van in a crate while Momma talked to her, played the radio, and tried to shush her - to no avail. The first few days have not been bad - short nights, lots of trips outside, having some accidents in the house, she's eating well, chewing up our fingers, and playing with EVERY toy in the house. Everything you'd expect for a puppy that's just over 9 weeks old.
And we're having a BLAST with her. So many things that she does remind us of Kaysee. So there has been laughter and some tears these first few days. But she has been such a joy.


Resting after playing with another of my new toys.

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