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Life: 2003 - July 9th, 2013

How I Came To Be In my Forever Home:
My journey started with two other Keeshonden, who Kees Rescuers now think are my sister (probably also almost a year old) and my father (approximately 7 years old).
Our former owner was moving, and could not take us with her. She contacted Keeshond Rescue and threatened to take us to the shelter if Rescue couldn't take us in immediately. (It seems finding foster homes in Ohio is difficult enough for one dog, let alone three at once.) The owner temporarily left us with a family member - but this couple were not "dog" people and told our former Mom that we needed to go somewhere else right away. Out of desperation, we were taken to the Cleveland Animal Protective League.
It was discovered that my sister was very pregnant - so the shelter did not want her moved any distance. So, she was placed in one of the shelter's local foster homes. She delivered four pups, but all died very quickly. I have since lost track of her.
Through back channel emails and networking, KRNA (Keeshond Rescue of North America) member Jay of Salem, Ohio agreed to spring me and my father (Wolfie) from the shelter after we were neutered and vaccinated.
Keeshond Rescue "Angel" Sheri of KeesieKids Keeshond Rescue of White Lake, Michigan offered to take both Wolfie and me into foster care. That happened in late July 2005. When I arrived at Auntie Sheri's, my name was "Biker" (YUK!) So my name was changed to Baxter.
I shared my new digs with several other doggies, who "taught me the ropes" about being a Keesie. I worked on crate training and house-breaking - and recovered from a nasty infection from my neutering. Meanwhile Auntie Sheri started looking for just the right family for me to join forever. The one name that came coming up as a possibility was the Ramseys in Dayton, Ohio (Keeshond Rescuers themselves, former Kees owners (who lost their 16+ year old Kees in 2004), and Karen is the Treasurer for the national Keeshond Rescue Sunshine Fund). And they were interested in adding to their 4-legged family!!
Just by shear coincidence, the Ramseys were visiting Michigan the last weekend in August for a weekend get-away - so they arranged a "meet and greet". And they totally fell for me!!! (Of course!) The following weekend Wolfie went to his forever home near Columbus, OH - and on 9/10/2005 Auntie Sheri and I met my new parents in Perrysburg, OH - along with my new brother, Kirby (a Kees/spaniel mix rescue). It's a match made in heaven!!! They love me - I love them - so now I'm an Ohio dog again!!!
I knew I was going to like these parents within minutes. Where Auntie Sheri met them to complete my transfer was in a shopping center with a pizza shop. While they waited for me to arrive, Daddy ordered a pizza for lunch. So, before we hit the highway we ate lunch together. Momma & Daddy ate the middle part - and Kirby and I split the "pizza bones". What more could a Keesie want???
The first week of my new forever life was rough . . . because my new parents were baby sitting two big Basset Hounds!! (I later learned they're my cousins - and they sometimes visit when their parents go away on vacation.) But Kirby and I are bonding well and I'm sure I'm going to love this place - especially once the Bassets go home!

Likes: Food!!! (Especially eggs, pizza, and mac & cheese)
Following my parents around for huggies

Dislikes: Baths (according to Auntie Sheri)


Ready to defend my yard!

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