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Life: April 23th, 1989 - January 12th, 2001

Registered Name: Ramsey's Chocolate Angel

Parents: DJ's Cosmic Cosmo (sire)
DJ's Dottie (dam)

Likes: Treats.
Sleeping in late with mom in the bed.
Taking walks with Kaysee.
Wrestling with Kirby.
Stealing Kirby or Kaysee's food when nobody is looking.
Thanksgiving or Christmas at Grandma's house... she always makes sure we get some of the good stuff mixed in with our kibbles!

Dislikes: Baths.
Having my paws wrapped when I get a "hot spot".
Going to the vet.
Loud noises.
Not getting all of the attention I deserve (or think I deserve).

Best Story:
Sometimes I love being a Dalmatian, and having the height to reach almost anywhere. My first Christmas (I was less than a year old) the family was gathered at my house, and the Turkey was on the table. My Uncle Bob was carving, and when he looked away for a second, I reached up to the table and grabbed a huge Turkey leg! Mom immediately yelled at me to drop it, but I ran like a bandit for the back of the house with my prize clutched firmly between my teeth. Naturally I didn't get more than a mouth full when Mom caught me and made me surrender my hard earned loot. And to make matters worse, when the meal was finished, Kaysee got left-overs and I didn't. I guess crime doesn't pay...

At Christmas, with my sister Kaysee


Contemplating the meaning of life...
(which is Dalmatian-speak for "I wonder when kibble-time is?")


My Halloween costume.
Hey!  Who put me in a a devil's suit? My name is Angel!

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Music: A Whole New World (from Disney's Aladdin)